Terms of Service

Tap LLC. will be responsible exclusively for the supply of Telemedicine services to the client and will engage in no other practices or activities.

Prior to engagement, the patient confirms that he/she was fully informed on how a Telemedicine consultation is conducted, what means may be employed to acquire relevant patient data, and what actions or information may be expected or requested of the patient during said practice.

The patient is aware of the restrictions innate in using video conferencing technology to provide medical care and agree to abide by these restrictions without complaint or unreasonable expectations.

The patient understands that he/she must provide and be able to operate the necessary technologies and programs on which Telemedical Services rely and without which cannot be undertaken in their entirety.

The patient understands that any failure to provide or error in operating the patient’s own equipment and software may justify the termination of the consultation without consequence for the company.

The patient understands that services may be at times hindered or interrupted by forces beyond either party’s control, (i.e. losses of connectivity, weather, and environmental factors, etc.) and to which neither party may be incurred penalties.

Either party has the right to terminate a consultation prior to its natural conclusion and requesting a rescheduling for a future date only at such times as connectivity issues are not surmountable and thus are not conducive to reliable results.

The client holds the right to request a cancelation without justification of an appointment if the order is given at least 1 working day prior to the scheduled time, understanding however that a no-refund policy will be in affect

Rescheduling of any appointment is subject to availability and as such the client agrees and accepts that a wait period may elapse before a second appointment can be engendered.

Cancelations on behalf of the consulting physician or TAP LLC. will be communicated in advance and a full refund issued within 7 working days.

Cancelation rights are waivered in cases of emergency consultation requests, with the full value being deducted and non-refundable.

The patient agrees to supply any medical information as may be requested by the consulting physician relating to his/herself or their dependent, if it is relevant to the case being discussed.

Confidential information will include all information not readily accessible to the public that is exchanged and recorded between both parties, remaining equally binding in all aspects thereafter until such time as this document is naturally terminated or superseded

The patient understands that certain information may not be acquired if it is not already in possession of the patient, such as physical and biometrical data, due to the restrictions innate in Telemedical practices.

All such data as cannot be obtained remotely will thus be taken as being accurate and correct, the failure to present or errors that may be found in said information being the responsibility of the patient exclusively.

The company takes no responsibility for any errors in diagnosis and subsequent prescribed treatments stemming from erroneous information provided by the patient, and any legal action undertaken in such cases will be considered unlawful and constitute grounds for immediate termination of service by the company.

The patient understands and agrees to the sharing of his/her medical information with other members of staff, other medical professionals, for the purposes of aid in diagnosis, referrals, and billing information.

The patient understands and agrees that members of the operations team, fellow medical practitioners and other staff may be present at set times in consultation room and thus privy to certain confidential information.

The patient holds the right to demand that there be no other individual present during the time of consultation but understands that any difficulty or hinderance that may arise from this request in the services provided is of his/her responsibility.

The patient holds the right to request the omission in the records of certain information provided during the consultation, providing they request the omission prior to divulging the information and the omission not be deemed unlawful under state regulations

TAP LLC. agrees to protect the confidential information in strict adherence to State Law, and the stipulations set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996 (obs. 2013 amd.), hereafter “HIPAA”).

All legally required protection of confidential patient information will take effect upon the mutual signing and celebration of a retention of services between the client and TAP LLC; and last for a maximum of 10y or mutual annulment of business association, after which time it shall cease to be binding and must be destroyed.

In cases of referral or request by other institutions foremergentconsultation, the company agrees toprovide the specialist advice for which it was contacted and no other, with all responsibility for its results and application being restricted to the duration of the Telemedical call in which it is outlined.

In cases of emergency or life-threatening symptoms, the client gives full consent to their immediate referral and emergency collection at his/her domicile by ambulance to the nearest hospital

The company will issue billing independently from any other organization the patient may hold and be answerable to.

Billing will include a tabulated fee for each engaged service, and a baseline administrative fee.