1. What is TAP urgent Doctor at home?

Our fully qualified doctors can provide a full range of services at your home however, we are not an emergency service. If you have an emergency, you will need to call or visit ER.

2. When can I book a doctor to visit my home?

Call Centre Hours

Week days :pm – am
Fridays: pm –
Saturdays and Public Holidays: 24 Hours

Doctor Visiting Hours

Week days :pm – am
Fridays: pm –
Saturdays and Public Holidays: 24 Hours

3. How long it will take for a doctor to reach my home?

We aim to see all patients within half an hour to 2 hours maximum; however, this time can vary depending on how busy we are. Our dedicated team will keep you informed of their potential arrival time should they experience delays.

4. Is it covered by insurance?

Not yet, we hope that our services will be covered by insurance very soon. For the time being, we only accept cash.

5. What type of payment you accept?

We accept payment from all major credit and debit cards, alternatively, we can accept cash payment.

6. Can I book a doctor for a scheduled appointment?

We try to accommodate all our customers needs. However, a small window of delay might happen if there is another urgent case at the time of appointment. If you would like to book a call for the future, it is recommended to ring on that day.

7. Can I get an electronic prescription and medical delivery at home?

Yes, our Doctors can supply you with the prescription if necessary and our medication delivery service can deliver the prescribed medications at your doorstep. Alternatively, you can choose to get the prescription and buy it from your nearset partner pharmacy.

8. Can I get a service for home sample collection and blood extraction?

Yes, if your condition requires, we do essential lab tests for you. Very soon, our expert phlebotomists can do blood extraction at home and collect lab samples and deliver to the designated labs and partner services.

9. How will I receive my laboratory results?

Once the results are received, they are passed to the attending doctor for review. Our attending physician will call you and advise you to follow up with your regular GP. A copy will be forwarded to you via e-mail, call and message centre.

10. What is the cost of Urgent Doctor at home service?

The cost depends on the type and number of services requested by the client

For further enquiries call us at 920027299.